Graduate Students

Jonathan Bridekirk (Hynie; PhD)
Research interestsSocial and positive psychology; exploring how motivation can improve social and cognitive development; community-based research, engagement and outreach; refugee experiences and access to Canadian education and resource generation; inclusion in education; examining methods of human flourishing.
Jorida Cila (Lalonde; PhD)
Research interests: cultural influences on baby-naming; first name biases; category indispensability and minority rights; social identify; interfaith dating.

Caroline Erentzen (Schuller; PhD)
Research interests: the intersection of psychology and the law, racial bias in the immigration and criminal justice system, conceptualizations of justice and fairness in sentencing, and the psychology of victimization and vengeance.

Meghan George (Steele; PhD)
Research Interests: racial stereotypes, implicit attitudes from the perspective of minority groups.

Joshua R. Guilfoyle (Struthers; PhD)
Research Interests: interpersonal transgressions and conflict resolution (apology, forgiveness), trait apology, self-control, social power, psychological immune activity.

Chantelle Ivanski (Greenglass; MA)
Research interests: Stress and coping, particularly related to financial stress, health psychology, romantic relationships

Francine Karmali (Kawakami; PhD)
Research interests: predicted and actual responses to outgroup prejudice, suppression of stereotype activation and application, stereotype threat and self-knowledge, automatic associations related to social categories and the self.
Joana K. Katter (Greenglass; PhD)
Research interests: resilience, coping, and mental and physical outcomes, particularly in relation to economic stress; exploring the correlates of cheating behaviour; giftedness and creativity; economic psychology; health psychology.
Christina Lapytskaia (Steele; MA)
Research interestsExamining different aspects of prejudice in society, and researching children's development of prejudice.

Heewon Kwon (Sasaki; PhD)
Research interests: How residential mobility influence people's acculturation process as well as the interaction with gene and culture in the acculturation process

Ronda Lo (Sasaki; MA)
Research interests: How culture influences cognitive processes such as attention and language, and the interactions of linguistic, cultural and national identity. 

Kristen Maki (Greenglass; MA)
Research interests: Stress and coping, self esteem, perceptions of challenge and threat, and health psychology.

Taryn B. Nepon (Flett; PhD)
Research interests: The roles of trait perfectionism and perfectionistic self-presentation in depression, anxiety, rumination, and personal and social maladjustment; the links among personality, stress, coping, and health. 
Jessica Padgett (Lalonde; PhD)
Research Interests: Non-traditional forms of masculinity; the relationship between culture, masculinity, and attitudes towards diversity; measurement and scale development

Ingrid G. Pechenkov (McCann; PhD)
Research Interests: Formation and change in the self-concept; influence of personality, social context, and social cognition. The intersection of personality and social, cultural environment; depression and distress.
Rotem Petranker (Eastwood; MA)
Research interests: Cognitive biases in general and the way they manifest as prejudices in particular; study and development of strategies to counter prejudices; critical mechanistic analysis of mindfulness practices.

Kashmala Qasim (Hynie; PhD)
Research Interests: Community engagement/outreach; socio-cultural challenges faced by the Muslim community in accessing health care resources; perceptions of the Muslim community in seeking mental health care; development of a culturally sensitive model for psychotherapy.

Joshua A. Quinlan (Mar; PhD)
Research interests: Experiences with morality in narrative fiction, perceptions of agency and responsibility in video games, absurdity in humour.

Marina Rain (Mar; PhD)
Research interests: The effects of media on interpersonal perception and behaviour; Experiences with narrative fiction and the development of social and emotional knowledge; Mindfulness.
Stephanie Raposo (Muise; MA)
Research interests: sexual desire and satisfaction in relationships, self-expansion, sexual exchange, and long-term romantic relationships.

Tonia Relkov (McCann; PhD)
Research Interests: personality, the self concept and vulnerability to
depression, stress and coping, lifestyle habits and mental health, social interaction and self-regulation.
Alisha Salerno (Schuller; MA)
Research Interests: psychology and law, extralegal factors influencing legal decision-making, cyberjustice (the use of technology in law), the intersection of disability and the law, criminal psychology.

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Deborah Sears (Flett; PhD)
Research Interests: Mattering - the felt need that one matters to another or others; Anti-Mattering - the felt belief that another or others seek to make one feel that one doesn’t matter to another or others; Psychological concepts and psychometric constructs related to mattering and anti-mattering. 

Alexis Strazds (Ross; MA)
Research Interests: Models of gender that are inclusive of non-binary individuals and transcend masculinity and femininity. Related psychometrics, particularly cognitive.

Elysia Vaccarino (Kawakami; MA)
Research Interests: Social categorization processes; person perception as it relates to intergroup dynamics; motivations underlying prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination, and strategies to reduce these biases.
Elizabeth van Monsjou (Struthers; PhD)
Research Interests: Forgiveness in interpersonal relationships, and how people respond when they are victims of a transgression.

Ashley Weinberg (Steele; PhD)
Research interests: Intergroup contact/friendships and personalization of the outgroup. Implicit attitudes, cognitive mechanisms, and emotions involved in intergroup interactions, and how these vary by group.  Bias reduction and improving intergroup relations.
Alexandria West (Sasaki; PhD)
Research interests: Influences of biculturalism on cognition, identity, and subjective experience; the self; social cognition; social and cultural neuroscience.