GORD FLETT (University of Toronto)
Research Interests: The roles of trait perfectionism and perfectionistic self-presentation in personal adjustment, psychosocial functioning, and health problems. The associations among personality, coping, stress, and distress in adolescents, middle-aged individuals, and the elderly.

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ESTHER GREENGLASS (University of Toronto)
Research Interests: Stress, burnout, coping, social support,  health. Applying the Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI) to a variety of populations. Study of time construal and its relationship to cognitive factors, coping, depression and stress. Financial stress, economic hardship, cross-national differences and psychological well-being.

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MICHAELA HYNIE (McGill University)
Research Interests: 1) Culture, immigration and health inequities, especially access to health and mental  health care. 2) The nature of the relationship between different kinds of social connections  (interpersonal relationships,  social networks, community belonging) and resilience in different cultural and national contexts, and interventions that can strengthen social these relationships at the community level; 3) culture, environment and mental health, from a social determinants of health perspective.

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KERRY KAWAKAMI (University of Toronto)
Research Interests: The automatic activation of associations related to social categories including stereotypes, prejudice, automatic behaviors, approach avoidance tendencies, and emotions. The implication of these associations for responding to target category members and the self. Strategies to reduce these activations.

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RICHARD LALONDE (University of Western Ontario)
Research Interests: Social psychology of intergroup relations with a focus on issues of ethnic, cultural, and national identity. Responses to discrimination, immigrant acculturation, and bicultural identification.

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RAYMOND A. MAR (University of Toronto)
Research Interests: Projection of the self into fictional narratives. Ascription of intentionality to abstract social agents. Individual differences in, and the core processes of, empathy and social understanding. Imagination. Simulation based theories of language comprehension. And the neural underpinnings of these processes.
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DOUG MCCANN (University of Western Ontario)
Research Interests: Social information processing and socialcognitive models. Aspects of the self, depression, and interpersonal communication.

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AMY MUISE (University of Guelph)
Research Interests: The application of social psychological theories of close relationships to learn how couples can have more satisfying and fulfilling partnerships over time. Using dyadic and longitudinal research methods to understand the processes in romantic relationships, such as motivation, beliefs, and perceptions, that influence couples’ sexual desire and satisfaction in daily life and over time as relationships grow and develop.

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ERIN ROSS (University of Western Ontario)
Research Interests: How psychologists conceptualize and research lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender experience. Stereotypes of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse survivors.

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JONI SASAKI (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Research Interests: Individual, situational, and cultural moderators of religion’s effects; cultural influences on cognition, emotion, and well-being; gene–environment interactions.

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REGINA SCHULLER (University of Western Ontario) 
Research Interests: Research focuses generally on behavioural assumptions in the law, and specifically on the behaviour of various decision makers (e.g., juries, police). Considerable work done on decision making processes of decision makers in cases involving violence against women (sexual assault, battered women). More recent work examines the impact of racial bias and legal strategies for curbing its influence (e.g., challenge for cause).

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JENNIFER STEELE (Harvard University)
Research Interests: Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination from the target’s perspective. How people combat the effects of negative self-relevant stereotypes in academic settings. How stereotypes are activated and inhibited in impression formation. The development of gender/ racial stereotypes and beliefs in children, examined from a social cognitive perspective.

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WARD STRUTHERS (University of Manitoba)
Research Interests: Social cognition or how people make sense of themselves and other people. Social and organizational psychology, including attributions, social motivation, forgiveness, coworker interactions, and decision making.

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ROB CRIBBIE (University of Manitoba)
Research Interests: The application of statistics within psychological research. Robust statistical analyses, multiplicity control and the measurement of change. Other statistical application projects or empirical projects applying innovative statistical methods.

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DAVE FLORA (University of North Carolina)
Research Interests: The development and application of quantitative methods for psychological research, particularly psychometric methods and longitudinal data analysis; substance use and abuse, developmental risk and resilience, and personality assessment.

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PAUL KOHN (Harvard University) 

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